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Welcome to Stag Club - The Unstoppable

In Sept 2008, a group of senior executives from Airlines was invited by CEO-founder of ITFT (a travel and tourism university in Chandigarh) Dr Gulshan Sharma to interview and identify the potential for the airline industry from this university. In fact this exercise was done twice and Kumar Baveja was requested to invite the Airlines executive on behalf of ITFT.

It so happened, then on the 2nd visit return travel from Chandigarh members got to know each other more closely and proposed to meet up from there onwards on every last Friday of the month and even named this association as STAG club. The word STAG has no literal meaning of stag/males. This name was derived from traveling by Shatabadi train as STAG – “Shatabadi Train Airlines Guild” … and it happened and still stays since then. In fact there has never been any blank month where STAG Bash was not held. Founder members comprised of two ladies from AF, who could not continue their membership. Finally 10 founder members gave the push to the cause of the Club formation.

Kumar Baveja has ever since been the Chairman of the club with Ashish Malhotra as Gen. Secy. The club also has team of 5 members which forms a SCC – Stag consultative committee to take care of various issues of the members and their enrollment etc.

Today this serious continuity of monthly meets, airlines executives feel a sense of cohesiveness, understanding the interline needs and its importance. In short this built up relationship has certainly helped the Airline industry in more than one ways. Membership is only restricted to the current and past Airlines Executives, which has as now a mixed level of positions from Airport Managers/Sales Managers to Country heads. Currently the membership has reached a total of 40+ registered members. Like any recognized club, the STAG club also observes disciplinary norms with regards to enrollment, attendance etc.

The Stag Club -The unstoppable finally has been registered under the Socities Act 1860 , it as an association with purpose and thereby gaining further strength. STAG CLUB – “THE UNSTOPPABLE”

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